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Management Systems

Management SystemsWe design, implement and assess Management Systems in accordance with standards and in sync with company culture. These systems enable a company to plan and control activities, implement change and meet regulatory requirements. As required, we develop Plans, Programs, Procedures, Instructions and Forms.

  • Integrated Risk Management System (IRMS)
  • Safety Reports/Cases (Offshore and Onshore)
  • Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Environmental Management System (EMS)

Environmental Assessment

ist2_2266764-environ-assesment.jpgAssessments range from Works Approvals to Licences to Environmental Impact Assessments covering regulatory requirements, community consultation and execution of environmental obligations. We have particular experience in reviewing the environmental impacts of new facilities.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Public Environmental Report (PER)
  • Environmental Aspect Register
  • Environmental Protection Authority Referral
  • National Pollutant Inventory (NPI)


AuditEnvironmental Risk Solutions (ERS) designs, implements, reviews and audits systems to manage organisational risk for a variety of clients with specific requirements. We also develop audit protocols and provide training for internal audit purposes.

  • Systems & Compliance Audits
  • Due Diligence Environmental Audits
  • Best Environmental Practice License Audits
  • Company environmental management plan and or ISO14000
  • Dangerous Goods audits
  • Total Hazard Control Plan Audits
  • Regulatory Audits
  • Safety Management System Audits

Formal Safety Assessments

ist2_9283705-formal-safety.jpgWe have expertise and extensive experience in a variety of Formal Safety Assessment procedures, including:

  • Quantitative Risk Assessments (QRA)
  • Hazard Register
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
  • Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP)
  • Emergency Management Planning
  • What if? Studies, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA), Hazard Identification Studies (HAZID)
  • Safety Cases/Reports - Offshore/Onshore Cases for Safety
  • Safety Management Systems (SMS)

Dangerous Goods

ist2_9365399-dangerous-goods.jpgERS provides advice and detailed reports on a wide range of DG safety issues as an element of a complete risk management system.

A DG Report developed by ERS provides an organisation with a comprehensive list of DGs, status regarding compliance with relevant standards and regulations and recommendations for improvement, documentation and manifests. 

Air and Water Quality Monitoring

ist2_11568226-air-water-monitoring.pngERS performs monitoring of possible air, noise and water pollutants in a range of situations, including licence applications, management program or licence condition requirements, compliance audits, and community initiated concerns.

  • Design Review for air pollution control equipment
  • Monitoring Requirements for equipment and processes

Dispersion Modelling

Dispersion ModelingExperience includes extensive modelling of air pollutant dispersion and technical review of air and water pollution control equipment.

  • Dispersion Modelling (multiple software programs)
  • Stack testing

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