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Management Systems

Why Consider Management Systems ?

An organisation that does not have a system in place to identify, evaluate and track hazards in the areas of industrial risk (health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ)) has no way of managing those risks. This is an accident waiting to happen.

Environmental Risk Solutions (ERS) designs, implements and assesses Management Systems in accordance with standards and in sync with company culture.

Many companies may have the fundamental elements of a management system, but they are not working well as a whole, nor are they being reviewed for improvement and nor are they enabling a company to plan and control activities, implement change and meet regulatory requirements.

We also audit systems and provide action plans to address non- compliances.

Our personnel have worked with clients to include entwined HSEQ issues into a combined (integrated) management system.

ERS Approach

  • Integrated Risk Management Systems (IRMS)
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Safety Cases
  • Safety Reports
  • Environmental Management Systems

Our consultants have extensive experience in developing and implementing a Management Systems, Safety Cases and Safety Reports based on Australian and International Standards, providing organisations with a documented management system. Documentation is tailored to the site and operational requirements and includes Manuals, Plans, Policies, Procedures, Codes of Practice, Forms, Work Instructions, Process Specifications. The entire system is subject to continuous improvement thorough regular audit cycles to assess the performance and suitability of a system as well as compliance with the system itself and through multi-disciplined team reviews.

ERS considers that the most effective management systems are those that are developed primarily by the company concerned, an approach which also provides ownership of the system. Additionally, it is the most cost effective approach. Our consultants work with clients to identify what elements are present and then structure a programme to develop non-existing elements or to enhance elements which may not be of an acceptable standard.

ERS will guide you through the development and implementation of a Management System based on the principles of the standards and suitable to the complexity of your site operations. We advise you in the difficult areas of an IRMS where the separate areas overlap. We also advise on all Safety Case/ Report stages: initial development; implementation; review; maintenance and audit. The resulting system provides the suitable and readily accessible information required by all employees to know the operational risks relevant to their role within the organisation and to know they are being managed.

Documentation and information is useless if it is not fit-for-purpose or if it cannot be readily accessed. ERS develops the required documentation and products in accordance with a company’s culture and methods. This may be entirely in hardcopy, entirely electronic or as a combination.

Where work practices require documentation, ERS works with operators to develop clear, concise and informative written procedures which are supported by flowcharts or process mapping. This format works extremely well with a company’s internal website or electronic system as direct links can be made to related documentation, including procedures, manuals and drawings.

ERS Systems Development at a Glance

ERS’s approach to management systems and Safety Cases/Reports is similar to that detailed in the Institute of Engineers/ Risk Engineering Society’s seminar report on “Integrated Systems Approach to Managing Risks", namely:

“Another benefit of an integrated approach can be seen by examining the basics of a Management System that is, Best practices. When writing a Best Practice or an operating procedure, maintenance task or monitoring procedure, you write one Best Practice – not four as would be required if you had totally separate operating, environmental, safety and health procedures”

To develop a system which includes:

  • A documented system for a structured identification of hazards (health, safety, environmental, quality, financial and operational)
  • A method for evaluating/assessing the risks associated with each hazard according to a set of criteria approved by company management
  • A process for tracking the close-out of action plans and the products to facilitate that tracking, such as a database
  • A method for tracking and evaluating incidents according to the level of risk

ERS will assist you with:

  • Review (audit) and evaluation of current risk management practices and documentation
  • Development of risk evaluation criteria Assistance with hazard identification, risk assessment and recording Design of an incident reporting and tracking system (this includes ranking
  • incidents according to risk and tracking action plans for reducing risk)
  • Design of measurement systems to track risk management performance
  • Development and implementation of Management System as required (IRMS, EMS, SMS, Safety Case / Report)
  • Development and documentation of Emergency Response System
  • Rollout and Training


AS4581 - Management system integration AS4804 - Occupational health and safety management systems, AS/NZS 31000 Risk Management - Principles and Guidelines, AS/NZS ISO 9000 - Quality management systems, AS/NZS ISO 14000 - Environmental management

Industry Experiance

  • Offshore and onshore oil & gas exploration, production & transportation
  • Onshore mining exploration, production & transportation
  • Engineering
  • Port Facilities
  • Energy
  • Private commercial companies
  • Chemical processing, storage and
  • transport
  • Waste and water treatment
  • Government Agencies
  • Construction

Value Adding to Your Company

The combined extensive experience of our personnel and our commitment to continuous improvement within industry mean that ERS can provide you with a strong, reliable and affordable resource. ERS looks forward to working with you and contributing to the success of your business.

In close consultation with you, the product we deliver will be tailored to your company’s needs and individual site and operational requirements.

Please contact one of our branches to discuss your particular needs to determine how we can assist your business.


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