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Risk and Change Management

Course duration 2 days

The management of risk and change is essential to the ongoing operation of an existing facility. Within any facility there are people whose roles require the assessment and management of risk. The course emphases methods to assess that risk in terms of change management and with consideration for "duty of care".

On completion of the course, participants will have obtained a degree of comfort in managing risk and change. They will be able to make a "real" difference.

The course material provides training on:

  • initial identification and assessment of change;
  • most commonly used engineering protocols and study methods for managing risk;
  • identification on which study would be the most appropriate for which type of change; and
  • importance of closing out the actions to ensure the identified measures have been implemented in line with the original intent.

Briefly covered, is the interface between with other systems, i.e budget and stock control to ensure participants are aware of the broader aspect of "risk management", i.e "risk" is not just safety and environment but the whole business.

Participants will be able to recognise and understand the terminology which is commonly used, as well as be able to define a "change" in terms of safety/environmental /business "risk".

As the course material can be tailored to the experience of the participants, when the various commonly used studies and the pros and cons of the various techniques are explained, they are explained in the level of detail required, this could be in full or as a summary.

A flexible delivery can also be arranged to suit your operations and to ensure as many personnel as possible can attend. The course can be delivered as a block or as separate days over an agreed period.

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